Selected publications

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    Mordret E., Dahan O., Asraf O., Rak R., Yehonadav A., Barnabas G. D., Cox J., Geiger T., Lindner A. B. & Pilpel Y. (2019). Systematic Detection of Amino Acid Substitutions in Proteomes Reveals Mechanistic Basis of Ribosome Errors and Selection for Translation Fidelity.  Molecular Cell. 75:(3)427-441.  Abstract
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    Kaminski Strauss S., Schirman D., Jona G., Brooks A. N., Kunjapur A. M., Ba A. N. N., Flint A., Solt A., Mershin A., Dixit A., Yona A. H., Csorgo B., Busby B. P., Hennig B. P., Pal C., Schraivogel D., Schultz D., Wernick D. G., Agashe D., Levi D., Zabezhinsky D., Russ D., Sass E., Tamar E., Herz E., Levy E. D., Church G. M., Yelin I., Nachman I., Gerst J. E., Georgeson J. M., Adamala K. P., Steinmetz L. M., Ruebsam M., Ralser M., Klutstein M., Desai M. M., Walunjkar N., Yin N., Hefetz N. A., Jakimo N., Snitser O., Adini O., Kumar P., Smith R. S. H., Zeidan R., Hazan R., Rak R., Kishony R., Johnson S., Nouriel S., Vonesch S. C., Foster S., Dagan T., Wein T., Karydis T., Wannier T. M., Stiles T., Olin-Sandoval V., Mueller W. F., Bar-On Y. M., Dahan O. & Pilpel Y. (2019). Evolthon: A community endeavor to evolve lab evolution.  PLoS Biology. 17:(3)e3000182.  Abstract
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    Frumkin I., Lajoie M. J., Gregg C. J., Hornung G., Church G. M. & Pilpel Y. (2018). Codon usage of highly expressed genes affects proteome-wide translation efficiency.  Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America-Biological Sciences. 115:(21)E4940-E4949.  Abstract
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    Rak R., Dahan O. & Pilpel Y. (2018). Repertoires of tRNAs: The Couplers of Genomics and Proteomics.  ANNUAL REVIEW OF CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, VOL 34. 239-264.  Abstract
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    Bar-Yaacov D., Mordret E., Towers R., Biniashvili T., Soyris C., Schwartz S., Dahan O. & Pilpel Y. (2017). RNA editing in bacteria recodes multiple proteins and regulates an evolutionarily conserved toxin-antitoxin system.  Genome Research. 27:(10)1696-1703.  Abstract
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    Frumkin I., Schirman D., Rotman A., Li F., Zahavi L., Mordret E., Asraf O., Wu S., Levy S. F. & Pilpel Y. (2017). Gene Architectures that Minimize Cost of Gene Expression.  Molecular Cell. 65:(1)142-153.  Abstract
  • Yona A. H., Frumkin I. & Pilpel Y. (2015). A Relay Race on the Evolutionary Adaptation Spectrum.  Cell. 163:(3)549-559.  Abstract
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