Group Members

Prof. Yitzhak Pilpel

Prof. Yitzhak Pilpel

Principal Investigator
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Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Building for Biomedical Research
Name Degree Thesis Title Graduated
Aviv Rotman MSc How do Cells Minimize the Cost of Translation? 2015
Nir Fluman Post Doc  


Sivan Navon  PhD Deciphering the codons’ code: Selection beyond amino acid sequence.


Hila Gingold  PhD

Dynamic interplay between codon usage and the tRNA pool affects translation efficiency and may play a role in shaping the cell fate

Avihu Yona PhD

The role of genomic duplications in adaptive evolution

Zohar Bloom PhD Exploring the dynamics of the tRNA pool through systematic deletion of tRNA genes 2013
Shalem Ophir PhD Post transcriptional regulation and its interaction with transcription revealed by genome-wide and synthetic gene approaches 2012
Yishay Shoval  Post Doc   2012
Yair Manor MSc Genome-wide coupling of mRNA transcription and degradation, and promoter-mediated mRNA decay in two distant yeast species 2012
Nitai Steinberg MSc

Bet-hedging in the evolutionarily-conditioned response of Escherichia coli towards sugars

Ilya Venger  PhD Robustness of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to deletion mutations and response to environmental perturbations through the lens of large-scale metabolic 2010
Amir Mitchell  PhD

Adaptive environmental conditioning: Prediction of environmental changes by eukaryotic and prokaryotic micro-organisms

Reut Shalgi  PhD

Coupling transcriptional and post-transcriptional miRNA regulation in the control of cell proliferation

Maria Rodriguez Martinez  Post Doc   2009
Asaf Carmi MSc

The evolution of coding sequences and tRNA pools, and its role in shaping translation efficiency

Naomi Siew  Post Doc   2008
Orna Man  PhD

The involvement of regulation of protein expression in species divergence

Yuval Dorfan PhD


Michal Lapidot PhD Sequence elements controlling gene expression: The case of transcription regulatory motifs and of antisene transcripts


Ron Kafri PhD Mechanisms and regulation of genetic buffering and the evolution of genetic redundancy 2006
Arren Bar-Even PhD Noise in protein abundance obeys a general scaling law over multiple genes and growth conditions 2005
Ilana Lavie MSc   2005
Yael Kfir-Garten MSc Computational extraction and visualization of regulatory elements in the yeast transcriptional network from genome-wide data 2005
Asaf  Blumental MSc